Knuckles and Amy will appear in Sonic Colours DS

In a recent interview with Takashi Iizuka,it was revealed that Knuckles and Amy will appear in the DS version of Sonic Colours. The guest appearances will not affect gameplay but will help along with the plot. It is unknown if they will appear in the Wii version but since the DS was referred to specifically I doubt it.

Personally I don’t mind Knuckles as a rival but I hate Amy in whatever context. Even Sonic hates her guts. What about you? Do you hate her guts? Tell me in the comments.

[Source: Go Nintendo]

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  1. Well, I rather play Sonic only. Every other character is only slowing sonic down.

  2. Sonic hates Amy guts? Doesn’t look that way to me in recent games. I think he sees her more as friend then anything else.

    Knuckles and Amy is one of my favorite character. I’m happy that they’ve made it in.

  3. I wouldn’t mind seeing her in a pot of sexy clam chowder 🙂

  4. Amy is really lame, but honestly, me and the friends have gotten quite the kick out of her antics in Sega Superstars Tennis. That awful, AWFUL song, “Do do dooo doo DO do doooo” that plays whenever she does a special fueled by hearts…ugh. It’s just so out of place, especially with this whole badass new Sonic they’re trying to create with characters like Shadow, Silver, et al. She really sucks a fatty in Sonic R, too. She’s so lame in that she drives a car while everyone else runs. And she still gets last.

    Always liked Knuckles, though. In my opinion, the cast of characters should have stopped with Knuckles. Him and Tails were the only ones that really felt worthwhile and different enough from Sonic to be original. Everyone else is basically a palette swap.

  5. Said it before here and I’ll say ot again: nothing wrong with Amy. She’s original cast, and has a personality. A somewhat annoying personality, but we’re talking a game about talking animals fighting a fat mad scientist.

    My rule is, if you were a character in a Genesis game (including CD), you can stay.

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