Sega Addicts Podcast: Episode 31 – Sonic 4

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 came out this week so it only seemed appropriate to devote an entire podcast to the little game. Overall, I’m happy to say that the entire cast was pretty much in agreement that Sonic 4 completely met our expectations. Sega set out to create a Sonic game that felt like the original Genesis games and Sonic 4 is that game. It’s not perfect, but its definitely one of the best Sonic games to be released in the last 15 years. We can’t wait to see what Sega does with Episode 2.

The outline:

00:00:51 – News!

00:36:41 – Main Topic: Sonic 4

01:11:57 – Listener Questions

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  1. Thanks again guys. As always you do a rockin’ job at what you do. If it wasn’t for DTOID’s link I’d never noticed that ya’ll existed.

  2. Lost Labyrinth Zone Act 2 — The puzzle with the four torches.
    Light the far right torch, wait 3 seconds, then light the third torch from the left. Only light those two torches.

    @Alex Riggen – I had trouble even seeing that there was a spike in the second block shifting pool. I died so many times because of that one section in Lost Labyrinth Zone Act 3.

  3. Ah, magic, that explains it. I assume then the werehog etc. were the result of some evil witch king. That’s the missing part of the Sonic cycle: “Evil witch king casts spell on a game that started out totally great.” He overplayed his hand with the werehog I guess and some God smote him, thus ending the cycle. Suckdouche the Witch King is dead; long live Sega.

  4. I agree with the whole premise of Episode 1. We might see some real difference in levels in the next installment.

    What I would have preferred to see is an expansion of the VS. levels in Sonic 3. Azure Lake would have looked nice to see in a much broader design (and not in a looping sense).

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