Sega Addicts Podcast: Episode 32 – Climax Graphics/Crazy Games

This episode is all about Climax Graphics/Crazy Game’s two (and only) releases, Blue Stinger and Illbleed. Both games are unique takes on the survival horror genre and I highly recommended them to any Dreamcast owner who’s never played them. Illbleed is an especially amazing game with some great B-Movie style writing and gameplay that’s never really been replicated. It’s a shame we’ll never see an Illbleed 2.

Show outline:

00:00:52 – News

00:36:42 – Main Topic

01:42:53 – Listener Questions

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  1. This was a good podcast. I’ve only seen a few videos of Illbleed but you guys described it perfectly. I found it most interesting when you were talking about the different scenarios because to me it felt like I was listening to horror stories rather than listening to a video game discussion.

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