SEGA Addicts Podcast: Episode 36 – Mickey Mouse Games

There’s quite a few Mickey Mouse games that appeared on SEGA consoles and surprisingly most of them are quite good. Even the Master System received a trilogy of platformers that are some of the best on the console. It’s unfortunate that after the 16-bit era Mickey kind of disappeared from videogames and only appeared in a handful games that didn’t quite capture the magic of the earlier games. Hopefully, with the release of Epic Mickey this month all of that begins to change.

00:00:51 – News

00:44:11 – Main Topic: Mickey Games

01:48:09 – Listener Questions

02:02:09 – Outro

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  1. Well unlike Sonic, at least we know the lovable ‘black eared mouse’ will always be accepted with open arms. Thanks again for another awesome podcast as always. (Only tune in just to ask and hear every thur/fri.)

  2. Thank YOU, Korokun! And thanks to all our RAD listeners!

    Also, forgot to say so on the show, but thanks to everybody who complimented the topic picture this week–it’s one of my personal favorites, too!

  3. Speaking of which I wonder Tom, do you do commissions for those drawings? I might need to ask you next time.

  4. Yeah! Drop me an email with what you have in mind:

    It might be a little while before I can start anything, though–I’ve got a lot of commissions to finish. 😀

  5. I still haven’t got through the previous podcast yet, but I just had to come here to say that Tom, your artwork is always so badass for these things, and this one might just be the best. Love it, right down to the emulsion scratching.

    For the next contest I think Alex needs to take some scissors to that free flowing pony tail of his and send the locks to one lucky fan.

  6. Wow, thanks, Grolt! I really appreciate that! It’s my pleasure to draw our dorky faces week after week! 🙂 Old-timey cartoons have always been a passion of mine, so I was looking forward to this particular picture!

    Ha, ha! Agreed. The fans will clamor for it! And it’ll always grow back, anyway. 🙂

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