Hideki Kamiya hints Bayonetta 2?

Hideki Kamiya (action game designer and creator of sex bomb Bayonetta) has recently teased an upcoming sequel to Bayonetta on twitter. Well, sort of.The story is Kamiya was having a conversation on twitter with a fellow called ‘Grecco’ when he asked Kamiya if he could release Bayonetta’s prototype character models as DLC. The game designer then replied with a mysterious tweet:

Perhaps in Bayonetta 2

To which Grecco replied:

So are you confirming Bayonetta 2?.

All pretty standard teasing until Kamiya wrote his next tweet:

Oh you think so?

Now that could be nothing, or it could be a mysterious hint at a sequel to one of the best action games of 2010. I personally hope it’s the latter.

[Source: Sega Bits]

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