SEGA Addicts Podcast: Episode 37 – Splatterhouse

This week the SEGA Addicts talked all about everyone’s favorite house splattering simulator, Splatterhouse. At at time when games are all guns and violence it’s nice to revisit some of the more family friendly classics that we know and love. It’s widely known that the Splatterhouse games are something that even Grandma can enjoy and it’s nice to see a family of all generations sitting around the TV and dismembering things.

00:00:51 – News

00:36:44 – Main Topic: Splatterhouse

01:37:11 – Listener Questions

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  1. Thanks as always. You guys rock.

  2. needs more of that British guy. for real.

  3. Haha yeah, what happened to the British dude?

  4. Thanks for listening, you guys!

    That was our own Sega Addicts writer Stevie Grant! Jim Sterling (the original British bloke) is gone for good, I’m afraid. Too busy being a super star. But it was nice having Stevie on! I’d forgotten how fun it was to have a sarcastic Englishman not laugh at any of my jokes. Ha! 😀

    Good job, Stevie! And a good job by all the cast (except for that douche on the piano)!

  5. This has nothing to do with nothing: I haven’t even listened to this episode so to hell with me, but… Can’t you guys get a hold of more personal impressions (the review-ish kind) of Shenmue Gai/City now that service has opened for it?

    Through a contact, a friend or a friend of a friend…?
    Maybe even a quick video…

    It’s Christmas so don’t flame me. Not too much at least. 🙂


    • I’d like to get some impressions up on the site about Shenmue City. Unfortunately I don’t know anyone with access to the game. If anyone who does reads this and would like to write up a post for the site I’d definitely give them the opportunity.

  6. They should bring Shenmue City to Facebook.

    “7 of your Facebook friends would like to know if you speak Chinese”

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