Today’s Teefury is all about Sonic

If you’re not familiar with TeeFury then let me give you the low down. Basically a geeky or nerdy shirt will be posted on the site, it’s even fairly cheap! The catch is however, you only have one day to buy it. Which brings me to today’s shirt they have for sale! As you can see in the header image, Sonic is having a tough time during the current economic climate. And now you can wear his misfortune for all to see!

Of course this shirt will only be up for today, so you Sonic fans better hurry. What do you think? Would you proudly wear this shirt on your chest or would you ditch it in favour of something less funny? Tell me in the comments!

[Source: TeeFury]

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  1. I’ve seen more creative Sonic shirts on that site than this one. For some reason this one doesn’t spark an interest with me. Maybe if Sonic were drawn to appear more desperate or “hobo-like,” then it would be entertaining.

    Not that I could drawn anything better. 😛

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