Sega Addicts Writers Room: A Retro City Rampage Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! Recently the Sega Addicts Writers (well two of them including me) had to the chance to do a podcast with Brian Provintiano, the developer of the upcoming awesome game Retro City Rampage! In this very special not-really-Christmas-themed-but-we-still-talk-about-Christmas-so-it-counts- episode, we talk about the game itself, Christmas gaming memories, that awful Tekken movie, and of course, Hulk Hogan.

Ken from a previous episode ‘The Stevie-Cast’ also joins in the fun and adds to the show as well. Also Brian finally clears the air behind this whole controversy about the announcement of Retro City Rampage‘s release date for Xbox Live. So yeah, we talk about a lot of stuff disjointedly. What do you expect? (On a side note, because I’m an idiot and I recorded in stereo sound so we might sound a little off, sorry.)

Download it here!

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