What we’ve been playing: Week of 27/2/2011

Hello fellow Sega addicts and welcome to another instalment of the Tuesday lazy edition of this thing. Do people like this thing? I don’t know but when have I ever cared? Always, actually. Anyways hit the jump to see what some people on the internet have been playing on their consoles with their hands.

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Stevie Grant- Writer of Top 10 Worst and Boss Attack:
I played and completed the final instalment of the Bit. Trip saga on Wiiware: Bit. Trip Flux. And what a game it was. Amazing music as always too. I highly recommend this series to everyone everywhere/ I also played some Deathsmiles but more impotently replayed some Sonic Colours just for the hell of it. Also I’ve started playing the Sam and Max games. Doing it one episode a week, kind of like a TV series. So far it’s good even if the gameplay itself is a little meh. Either way that’s all for this week and I’ll see you next time for more games I’ve been playing!

John Doherty- Writer of Take Cover:
I’ve been sick all week so I haven’t been doing much other than sleeping. I played a little more of Metal Gear Solid 4, but I can’t focus on it while hopped up on cough medicine. I did re download League of Legends so I could start getting back into that game. I forgot how much I suck at LoL, and DotA games in general, but a few League of Legends players were kind enough to let me know. I recently cancelled my WoW account because I’ve just been so bored with the game recently. That’s about it.

Stan Spurgiesz- Writer of Night of the Living Console
I was able to make some time for 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker on the Dreamcast this week. Yu Suzuki and Sega AM2 are geniuses! This game is such a blast to play. There’s no greater feeling than crushing everything in your way and slamming into a bonus van for additional time. The gameplay feels like a hybrid of Daytona USA and Crazy Taxi, both of which I adore. Though the game is quite short, it’s a fun arcade experience. I highly suggest playing it if you haven’t.

Josh Newey – Writer of With Great Power Comes Great Games and Underappreciated Gems:
After a crap load of irritated yelps, I finally beat Dead Space 2 on Zealot. I just don’t have it in me to try a campaign on Hardcore. I’m done until the new DLC comes out.

Played a bunch more MVC 3. Still loving it. Still sucking.

Started up Silent Hill 2. I decided recently to play Shattered Memories for the first time, and realized that I haven’t even tried Silent Hill 2 since 2003 or so, so I decided to play through that first. A little clunky in some obvious places, but the crippling atmosphere is still unmatched today.

Alexander Sargeant- Writer of Retro Reviews:
The anxiety of the coming month has me charging through whatever games I can. Finished both Bulletstorm and Killzone 3, which are both pretty great in obviously different ways. Weird that Bulletstorm has a better story/characters for a game that’s entirely about dick jokes and using a drilldo to sodomise people on occasion, but there you go. Both games have dumb endings though.

Radiant Historia which is interesting so far. The sprites are nice, but their animations look a little cheap, but with that said the narrative seems to be a the real selling point, and the reason for the low tech presentation. You can literally jump between timelines like they were routes in a visual novel. Will hopefully get back to it soon.

Tactics Ogre which I’d never played before, and I already adore. The writing is bloody outstanding, not so much in what’s being said but how the language is presented. Conveys a really rich kind of fantasy, which is especially nice. Has a real Ivalice feel to it. Also Gemini Rue on the PC which is one of the better point-and-click games of recent times. If you’ve been tempted to check out Gray Matter, skip it and play Gemini Rue instead (from the creator of La Croix Pan, if you ever touched that). Other than that, clear and ready for a certain game to arrive to devour and deliberate on. SO EXCITED.

Kris Knigge- Reviewer and Podcast Co-host:
Arcade Games. Lots of em.

I went to Gameworks and played a whole lot of different stuff. TANK! TANK! TANK! is amazing, and probably the offspring of Earth Defense Force and Twisted Metal, R-Tuned is a fun little racer that’s got a force-feedback steering wheel and lots of shiny lights and particles, After Burner Climax is better in arcades, and Terminator Salvation the arcade game reminded me of the T2 arcade game from so long ago.

Also, I got a Dreamcast arcade stick. Happiness abounds.

Tom Kyzivat- Artist and Podcast Co-host:
Just more Marvel vs Capcom 3–I think I’m actually starting to get the hang of all the changes now. Took me long enough! Mike and I have been getting some of the endings, too, and even though they’re generally pretty stupid, it’s fun to have them again. They also try to incorporate other characters from Marvel and Capcom into the endings (usually a Capcom character in a Marvel ending, and vice versa), which is really cool.

Alex Riggen- Editor in Chief and Podcast Host:
Finally played through Amnesia after getting during the Steam Holiday Sale. I thought it was an amazing horror game but more for the potential it shows than how effective it actually was. The engine used for the game is incredibly immersive and some moments were downright suspenseful. I never got quite as freaked out as some of the infamous stories found on the internet but this is probably the best horror game to come out this generation. I’m tempted to play the Penumbra games now but I’ve heard they’re not quite as good as Amnesia was. If anything I can’t wait to see what the developer’s do next. They’re definitely onto something.

I’ve also been playing through all the Panzer Dragoon games. They’re all still incredibly beautiful and well designed games to play and I’m enjoying every minute of it. The style of the games is something that’s never really been replicated and I would love to see a game done for this generation’s consoles as I’m sure it would be gorgeous.

And that was last weeks ‘what we’ve been playing’ section! Remember to leave a comment and rate, comment, subscribe or whatever you do on the internet and I’ll see you next week! Bye! Hope you don’t get sick or die cause then we’ll get one less reader!

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