We need your listener questions for episode 50!

UPDATE: We will be joined by none other than Sega’s Julian Mehlfeld (and potentially some other Sega represented characters) on tonight’s 50th episode! Keep the awesome questions coming and Julian will join in on the question answering along with the regular cast.

As you may have noticed the 50th episode of Sega Addicts will be recorded this week. In celebration, we’re doing an all listener questions based episode! (Oh, and there is this nifty little giveaway)

To ask a question to the cast just leave your questions/comments below. It doesn’t matter what you ask about as we will answer it for we love all questions equally. We may prefer Sega related questions but we will also answer questions on topics such as: food, coffee mugs, hi-liters, and Mike will answer all your male thong questions that you’ve been dying to ask.

So, go forth and ask those questions! This post will be here all week until Thursday night when we record. And feel free to post more than once if you get some inspiration later on.


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  1. Who is your best writer what is sexy and that?

  2. Mike, as the leading mind in the field of male thongs; how do you think the industry of male thongs will adapt its business practices in order to stay relevant in today’s society of expanding waistlines and child obesity?

  3. Also, when do we get to see the Sega Addicts tees?

  4. Mike, where did you earn your male thong doctorate? I know you could not have studied “a-broad,” since that would be contradictory to the degree.

  5. ScottyMoFoSho:

    Mike, where did you earn your male thong doctorate? I know you could not have studied “a-broad,” since that would be contradictory to the degree.

    Well played sir.

  6. What is the origin of this site? How was the name “SEGA-Addicts” conceived?

  7. This is what the shirts will look like. They’re in production right now.


  8. If SEGA ever decided to release a new Alex Kidd game, what kind of game would you want to see (2D, 3D, Cell shaded, platformer, FPS, what!?)?

    What defunct Saturn fighting franchise made by SEGA would you most like to see revived on a new console?

    If you could describe NiGHTS using a single genre, what genre would you choose?

    How is it that Mario is able to keep pace with Sonic in the 100m dash in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games?

    What are the most overlooked non-import games on the Saturn?

    What’s the best game SEGA has made since becoming a third party?

    What’s the best ending in a SEGA game? Worst ending?

    Either or:

    Yuji Naka or Yu Suzuki

    Alex Kidd or Wonderboy

    Virtua Cop or House of the Dead

    Sonic or NiGHTS

    Sega CD or 32X

    Space Harrier or Panzer Dragoon

    Billy Hatcher or Ristar

    Cartridge or CD

    Fantasy Zone or Phantasy Star

    “Dreams, Dreams” or “Sonic Boom”

    Hang-on or OutRun

    Big the Cat or AIDS

  9. Manic Maverick March 8, 2011 @ 8:05 PM

    Q1: I made a small and very awkward gift for you guys…


    Rough translation: “You’ve been given a job at a bakery. You are now a baker. You go into the job and your boss tells you “YOU NEED TO BAKE THE PERFECT CAKE. D8< There's gonna be a bunch of guests coming in." The ingredients need to be episodes from the past 50 episodes. It can be any of the episodes. And then finally top it off with the perfect icing. WHAT DO YOU USE!!??"

    Q2: What would the cake be shaped like?

  10. How do you think Sega will perform in the upcoming portable console arena?
    Will there be more Sega games on 3DS or NGP?
    Did anyone ever locate an ice cream banana?
    What is the pride of each of your Sega Collections?
    How long will the hiatus last?
    What are each of your favorite toothpaste?
    Butts Butts Butts

  11. So this one is just for Alex,

    (Barbatsis, that is)

    Not you other ones.

    What are your opinions on the Saturn?

  12. As Sega fans, what (if any) games have you blindly defended solely because it was a Sega game even when you had never played it, or had played it and actually thought it was a poor game?

  13. I recently blowed 250USD on a japanese Megadrive game, I have bin wanting this title for years and finally came up with the money to get it.. If this is sane or stupid is not the question here 🙂
    My question is: (would like one answer from each of you guys..) I you had the money to get a game you desiring for years, which title would it be, and why? the game doesn’t have to be expensive or anything just wondering which Sega game you really really want but haven’t acquired yet.

    congrats with Ep. 50! Go for broke


  14. Stan Spurgiesz March 9, 2011 @ 11:39 PM

    Congratulations on 50 amazing episodes!

    Where were you when you first heard about the discontinuation of the Dreamcast and Sega’s restructure as a third party developer? What was your initial reaction?

  15. Manic Maverick March 10, 2011 @ 4:37 AM

    More questions:

    Q3: Replace the characters, enemies, and items in your favourite Sega game with Jason Statham. How would the story, gameplay, and advertisements change?

    Q4: You’ve been sent to prison. You’re in the showers, surrounded by criminal Sega games. You drop the soap. Which Sega game do you think would take advantage of you, which one would ignore it, and which one would come to your rescue?

    Q5: Did you guys ever play Magic Carpet for the Saturn?

    Q5: Have you ever heard of someone sending an audio file to a podcast asking them a question? Because I haven’t. But it happened so there.

    Q6: Say you guys were a super crime fighting force, resembling the Power Rangers or the Gachi Rangers. What would your abilities be, what would your slogan(s) be, how would your awesome suits look, and who would your enemies be?

  16. What is everyones favorite game genre?

    Can Mike give us an update on how his Stern gig is going?

    And at what point did you realize that you weren’t just regular “sega-can-quit-whenever-you-wants” but bonafide “sega-addicts”. What made you hold this company so dear above all others?

  17. I really liked the Capcom episodes. Would you guys ever do a SNK episode or episodes?

  18. What are some of your favorite Sega box covers?

  19. What would be your initial reaction to SEGA changing their logo? They’ve had their current one for like… a millenia and I think it’s an absolutely perfect logo even if it’s old school.

  20. 1. SEGA have recently released the ‘Dreamcast Collection’, do you think they made the right choices for the games featured on it?

    2. What other Dreamcast games would you have liked to seen on the collection?

  21. A few more:

    What was your favorite SEGA product template (white grid for Master System, black grid for Genesis, red diagonal stripes for Genesis, grey diagonal stripes for Saturn, etc.).

    Similarly, what’s your favorite system logo out of all the SEGA consoles?

    Would you rather see SEGA focus on updating old IPs with new modern entries (After Burner Climax, Golden Axe: Beast Rider) or focus more on new franchises (Valkyria Chronicles, The Conduit)?

    Do you think SEGA will build a legacy beyond those of us who grew up with them as a console maker, or will they forever live in the shadows of their Nintendon’t heyday?

  22. Semi-serious:

    Will Shenmue III be announced befored you turn 100 (episodes, not years, don’t you try to play with words, you)?

    How long do you figure to another Dreamcast collection?

    (I want to see you and your honorable guests answering these two ones^)


    Be honest, you run a male thongs shop to finance Sega-Addicts, don’t you?

    If so, when is the ‘the sexy beasts of Sega Addicts’ calendar coming out and will the profits go to charity?

    All over the world we are faced with a tragedy unlike any other Mankind has witnessed. Bananas (okay, at least the talking ones) are commiting mass suicide claiming there is no reason to go on after Francis disappearence. Tv broadcasts, news websites and papers, day after day, they cover this singular, devastating drama. While the eyes of the world are upon you, you are asked to do a seánce– Francis has to speak, one final time and from the grave, to give hope to these bananas trapped in existencial doubt. With potassium reserves running lower by the minute, the future of Man as we know it may well depend on it.

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