March 2011


Choplifter HD is in the works

The development studio behind Hunted; The Demon’s Forge is also bringing us Choplifter in HD. The game is being developed for PSN and PC download. I for one couldn’t be happier, I really enjoyed this game as a kid. When asked about the game, CEO and President of inXile said:…


Review: Total War: Shogun 2

Over my years as a gamer I have played relatively few strategy games. The ones I have played were games like Fire Emblem, Sakura Wars, Shining Force; turn-based games that come packed with their own pre-determined stories. Shogun 2 is neither turn-based, and the story really isn’t determined in any…


Aaron Webber plays Yakuza 4

Yakuza 4 may be out but that doesn’t stop the promotions going on! And in fact friend of Sega Addicts and Sega community manager, Aaron Webber has dropped into the GameSpot studios (or whatever I imagine they call it) to show off the latest Yakuza game to hit the West….