March 2011


Forum News: Mean jokes within

Good day, Sega-addicts. In case you didn’t notice there was no Forum News last week. This is partially because of the essays and reading I had to do, and partially due to the game I had to review. It seems blasphemous to list those things as one in the same….


Wear Bayonetta’s official costume

Sega is continuing to add more items to their eBay account to support the recovery efforts in Japan.  The publisher has now added Bayonetta’s official costume for auction. At the time of publishing, the costume has hit the bid of $975.  Bidding ends tonight at 9:15 pm PDT. Personally, I’m…


Insect resembles Sonic’s movement

Since its inception in Sonic 2, the spin dash has become an important method of movement in Sonic games.  It seems that the spin dash is no longer exclusive to the Blue Blur.  This week, researchers at Georgia Southern University discovered that the larva of tiger beetles utilize wheeled locomotion…


Geist Force resurfaces

Back before the Dreamcast even launched, Sega was showing off a game called Geist Force. Unfortunately the game was canned before the system even saw the shelves. The guys over at assemblergames have recently found a copy of the game and are getting ready to deploy it to the internets….


Choplifter HD trailer

Yesterday I told you guys that inXile studios was remaking Choplifter in HD. Well today there’s a trailer for it, talk about service! It looks like it could be fun for when you have 30 minutes to kill and want to play a game. I will definitely be keeping an…