Summer of Sonic 2011 venue announced

I hate Camden. It’s a foul speck on this planet Earth populated by terrible people. But it seems that might not be for long, since Camden is where the next Summer of Sonic convention is set to take place! Well, Camden Centre to be precise. The venue is just across from Kings Cross Station (my personal train station of choice) and will hold 900 people plus huge restrooms, it seems.

Personally this is great news for me, as it seems I won’t have to go far from where I usually get off from. But apart from me, it’s also less complicated for anyone new to the country, or visitors from far off. But yeah, I’m getting quite excited now. So should you. Come meet me and we can celebrate Sonic’s 20th Birthday in style! Or surrounded by another bunch of sweaty nerds like me. Whatever you want to call it.


[Source: Summer of Sonic]

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  1. June 25th eh? I might actually be able to make it this year. London’s barely an hour on the train after all.

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