Sega Addicts Podcast: Episode 51 – High Voltage Software Returns

We’re back from our break and joined by special guests High Voltage Software. Together we discuss the upcoming release of Conduit 2 and the many balloon fights that it will cause. It’s nice to be back and here’s to another 50 episodes of Sega goodness!

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  • matty

    The toys are back in town~
    Cool to have you back!
    I haven’t played the first Conduit, but I might check this one out. I finally got Yakuza 4, too. I will never doubt you again ;_;

  • Stooball

    Good stuff, I liked hearing the developers joke around with you all

  • I’m really excited for Conduit 2: Kris Knigge edition.

  • grolt

    Cool intro video, guys, and great to have you back. Haven’t listened yet – I save that shiat for the morning commute. Can’t wait.

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