New trailer details Valkyria Chronicles 3 DLC

It seems that Sega is determined to support each Valkyria Chronicles release with tons of downloadable content, and the latest entry in the series seems no different. While the game is not out in the West yet, Japanese fans can enjoy multiple DLC packs as advertised in the trailer above. The trailer itself doesn’t confirm much gameplay wise but it seems to be some sort of extra story based mission with characters from the first Valkyria Chronicles game.

This extra mission pack is 700 yen (about $7) and is a prequel to the recent sequel. Future DLC is rumoured to contain more difficulty settings and non-canonical purely gameplay led mission packs. We can expect these DLC packs to make it to the West as soon as Valkyria Chronicles 3 is confirmed for a Western release. Let’s just hope that happens then so we can get awesome DLC content months after the game is out.

[Source: Playstation Lifestyle]

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