New Sonic Generations details revealed

As you can see from the above video, gaming site G4TV has got a sneak peek at the recently revealed Sonic Generations. From what we can gather from the video it seems Sega has used polls from it’s website to decide which levels would be remade. As well as this preview, the folks over at the Sonic Stadium have translated a magazine article giving away various key game-play elements. The story details are sparse but seem to hint at an unknown force turning the world completely white. Other details include the fact that to beat the game you will have to conquer both classic and modern modes. The article also hints at an exploration system, similar to Sonic Unleashed and the original Adventure games.

So has this new information convinced you sceptics, or are you you still seeing this as a part of the infamous Sonic cycle? Let me know all your dirty thoughts in the comments!

[Source: G4TV via Sonic Stadium]

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  1. Looks better with each video, but there’s still one thing I’m not sure about. Can you switch between 3D and 2D on the fly, or do you do that before the level, and then is this an option for every level or just some levels…or it is something that’s not selectable and just arbitrary in the game. The interview kind of made it sound like the game would change perspective based on what’s happening in the level. I hope that’s not all it is, I’d love to be able to play each level both different ways.

  2. There’s isn’t no Sonic Cycle. Sonic 06 is the only game that really falls into the Sonic Cycle, all the other games never promise that it will ‘return to it’s roots’ or we known about the playable characters, etc.

    Sorry, but it sounds like alot of people on the internet keeps bringing up the cycle to be funny and I bet most of them don’t even know what it means.

    Make it happen!

  4. It’s going to happen! 😀 Didn’t the lead vocalist finished recording the new version of the song a few months ago? So there’s a huge possibility.

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