GameStop lists Sonic Generations for 3DS

You may remember a while ago that I told you about a rumoured Sonic anniversary game that could make it to the latest Nintendo hand-held console. Well since we now know about Sonic Generations, it was only going to be a short while until a 3DS version found itself to be rumoured. And that’s just what has happened over at the Sonic Stadium forums, as forum member ‘Hero of legend’ has found a listing for a 3DS port of the highly anticipated Sonic Generations game in his local GameStop.

This all seems very likely as we have been expecting a 3DS Sonic game since last years E3, and this all seems to add up. All we need now is an official word or release date from Sega and we’ll be all set for celebrating Sonic’s anniversary in three whole dimensions, later this year.

[Source: Sonic Stadium]

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  1. Thank you for giving Hero from the SSMB credit. All the other websites who’ve reported on this didn’t give him any credit for going through the trouble getting the information in the first place.

  2. I can’t believe this hadn’t occurred to me yet. Suddenly owning a 3DS doesn’t seem so pointless.

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