New Alien game will not be tied to a film

For the record, I will never tire of posting images of Aliens. Keep it coming, Creative Assembly.

Upon hearing the news that Creative Assembly was working on a new Alien game, one of the biggest red flags that shot up was the impending release of Ridley Scott’s upcoming Alien prequel, Prometheus. Would this game just be the obligatory tie-in to a movie?

Studio director Timothy Heaton has thankfully mollified these concerns by confirming that this will indeed be its own project.  While it will utilize the Aliens license, Heaton says that this game will avoid the limitations that bring down your average tie-in title,

“What we can say is that we understand that games that are time-constrained to be day-and-date with the movie are often flawed so it’s probably something that we wouldn’t really want to be tied to.”

Amen, brother.

Let’s recap: A Dead Space-inspired Aliens game that won’t be burdened by oppressive movie studio restrictions? I need new pants.


[Source: That Videogame Blog]

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