What we’ve been playing: Week of 15/5/2011

Hello everyone and welcome to yet another late instalment of this thing. It’s so late it’s not even funny. I’m not funny. Let’s just hit the jump then to get this over with, shall we?

Stevie Grant- Writer of Top 10 Worst and Boss Attack:
I played the smallest but of Super Meat Boy today and that’s it. I’ve been playing the Plants Vs. Zombies DS port on the bus to university a lot though so that’s something. Welp.

John Doherty- Writer of Take Cover:
I had midterms this week, so I’ve had almost no gameplay time. I played some Super Meat Boy and some custom Portal 2 maps a friend of my designed. That has really been about it. I’m so boring.

Yes you are John. Just like me.

Josh Newey – Writer of With Great Power Comes Great Games and Underappreciated Gems:
Ok, first of all, to Shao Kahn: $@#% you, you %*#@ing *%$@!!! $&*#@ coming at me $#@$ ^#$% for like four *$#@$ hours, and then %#!@ like a *#@#ing camel fart. I will &$@*ing &$#@ your $#@*% &#@&ed-up mother, Shao Kahn. Don’t you *&$#ing tell me I $#@%ing suck, I %$&#ing get it, you &%#@ing cheap-ass @!#%$#@ !@@ turtle neck sweater wearing $#@! !!@#$#!@@!!!!!…..So yeah, I finished Mortal Kombat’s story mode.

After that, I finished Rayman 3D, whose end was kind of lackluster and a little overdue. As much fun as I was having in the beginning, the drab color scheme and sliding levels were really starting to bore me by the final moments.The final boss was pretty irritating and uninspired as well.

I’ve also been playing the waiting game. Every day, I sit Indian style in front of my post office box, eagerly anticipating my review copies of Virtua Tennis 4 and Thor. Ready to review em already!

In closing, $@#% you, Shao Kahn, you &%$#ing cheap $#@$.

Wow. That was intense dude!

Tom Kyzivat- Artist and Podcast Co-host:
Not a whole lot going on this week–mostly Mortal Kombat. I helped Mike train for that tournament, and ended up entering, too, since they wouldn’t have had enough people to start it without me. I beat my first opponent, but then lost to Mike and was eliminated, even though it was supposed to be double elimination, so that’s kinda odd. Mike ended up winning, so hazzah and sweet muffins to him! Let us gather ’round the fire and sing praises of his conquests! And how his prize was a gift card for the exact same amount he paid in entry fees. So he basically just gave them his money. Yeah. These contests are kinda lame. The pot would have been bigger if more people showed up, but I think they should have scaled their entry fee to accommodate. Just sayin’.

Alex Riggen- Editor in Chief and Podcast Host:
I decided to play through Max Payne on the PC as I got both games awhile back for $5 and have yet to play them. If I put myself into the mindset of when it came out I can see why the game was so popular. Unfortunately, I don’t feel the game stands up too well today. The story is and a handful of above average moments have kept me going but overall the art direction and the gameplay just don’t gel too well with me. I’m not a huge fan of the real human faces as textures nor do I like the graphic novel style cutscenes. It feels too out of place from the main game. Regardless, I still plan on playing through the second game which hopefully is an improvement.

Well today’s article was short. You can counteract this by writing in the comments yadda yadda yadda see you next week the end.

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    Anyway, short answer: Bangai-O HD and Dead Rising.

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