Radiant Silvergun achievements unlocked!

This one is for all of you achievement hoarders out there. Achievement website Xbox360achievements.org has got their hands on the achievements for the game, minus three secret ones. It’s a bummer that these are pretty standard achievements. I prefer when achievements promote unique styles of gameplay, instead of giving me a reward for something I was going to do already anyways.

Hit the jump to see the full listing! Minus the three secret ones of course. And while you’re down there, post what you think the secret ones may be in the comments.

[Source: Xbox 360 Achievements]

Complete Breakdown 10
Destroy a boss with 100% destruction
Clear Arcade 15
Clear Arcade Mode
Clear Story 15
Clear Story Mode
Hyper Sword 5
Use Hyper Sword
Find hidden bonus
On the Leaderboard 10
Upload a score to the Leaderboards
Weapon Master 20
Get three weapons to maximum level
Max Chain 20
Get 100,000 points by chain bonus
Cleared Without Using Continues 30
Clear Arcade
Mode without using continues

Readers Comments (5)

  1. did anyone see the survey on segas facebook asking if they should bring guardian heroes to the PSN?

  2. Will there be any avatar bonuses or anything? I, too, like more original achievements, but I honestly thought SEGA did a great job with their achievements for After Burner Climax, where it was pretty easy to get the 200, but then there were avatar awards that really challenged and forced you to really grind your game. Hopefully we can see something like that for this one.

    Excited to play it, though. I’m a diehard Saturn fan, but refused to pay the asking price this game had, especially since I’m not a big shooter fan. Perhaps Treasure will finally change my mind!

  3. I own the import copy but my Saturn freezes when I try to use the ST Key. 🙁

  4. @Stooball buy the Action Replay Plus.

  5. I was wondering if the Action Replay Plus would have a similar effect, that maybe it was the Saturn going kaput. But I’ve always wanted to get one, and swapping the Memory Cartridge and the 4MB cartridge is so 1995

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