Rise of Nightmares gets creepy screenshots and box art

So we haven’t heard about Rise of Nightmares in a while. Apart from the fact that it will of course be make it to E3, news has been sparse. However you can’t keep a good ghoul down (did I really just write that?) so Sega has released it’s box art. You can see this box art and some assorted fuzzy screenshots after the jump!

[Source: The Magic Box via Sega Bits]

Woah that box art is awesome.

  • This E3 defines whether or not I will buy a Kinect, I guess it will be the main focus for Microsoft, I just hope they show good games and not party games at the moment its just Rise of Nightmares and Child of Eden that intrigue me.

  • This game looks amazing. The screenshots look like a combination of House of the Dead and Condemned and I’m not complainin’

  • Well, this is the first time I even heard of this game. It kind of looks interesting though…

  • Josh Newey

    The concept of a first person horror game without a controller has me pretty intrigued. I’m all about the low resources and a lack of empowerment in horror, and the concept of not even having the standard controller as a comforting tool has always made me feel a little naked and is kind of scary in itself. It just seems like it would apply well to something like this. Fingers crossed.

  • I just wondered how well ‘Amnesia’ would translate to that?

  • ninjajosh

    these are pretty nice graphics

  • grolt

    +1 for tagging the tagline to “Goosebumps”.

    Seriously though, this game looks amazing. Like a game that could really put the Kinect on the map for core gamers. The concept behind it is brilliant, wandering around with not even a controller in your hand. It would be cool if you could use props or something and they’d be like weapons in the game. I really hope this rocks E3 though, SEGA needs a new property to reestablish their worth as a creative developer.

  • Cheers to the first Kinect title I’m remotely interested in. Child of Eden looked cool at PAX, but this looks like a full game rather than a tech demo.

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