Sonic Generations demo confirmed for XBLA/ PSN

First off, “well duh, what game doesn’t have a demo these days?” and second off “yay now when’s it coming out?” Unfortunately there is no answer to the second statement, but we at least know a demo for Sonic Generations will exist. One day.

This news comes from a tweet from Sega, which explains that a demo is coming. No word on when, or any other details. Pretty much all we know is that a demo is coming. Again “duh”. So that was something. Expect more news of this mystery demo sometime soon.

[Source: Sonic Stadium]

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  1. That’s the perfect picture for me to announce the demo, I still remember being blown away in Sonic 2, and I absolutely LOVE the way it looks now. Can’t wait, I’m used to playing 1 level Sonic games (fan remakes lol)

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