Sega Addicts Podcast: Episode 55 – They Thought We Couldn’t Handle Robes Over Here In the United States

This episode we discussed: Yuji Naka’s fishing game, Game Gear games on the 3DS, Persian rugs, Mystic Defender, Shinobi 3DS vs. Sonic Generations 3DS, meatloaf with pineapple in it, and much much more!

Disclaimer: Not all content in the description above is necessarily in this podcast episode.

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  1. Awesome episode, sega dudes! Thanks for answering my question! I’ll be sure to begin my search for the games you recommended.

    I do have to say the podcast feels a bit short with only sega news and a sonic gem instead of a third topic following those two portions. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy listening, and understand your desire to keep the podcast at one hour, but it feels like it’s lost a bit of depth or filling – like that last bit of cream in a Twinkie.

    Regardless, I’m glad you have the bi-weekly contest back, and I’m also glad you didn’t do exactly what every other podcast is doing this week by only discussing E3.

    Rock on!

  2. Nice. Also, I’m not from Germany!

    • Sorry about that! I’m not sure why I thought that. Where are you from then so I can properly inform the listeners of your actual whereabouts?

  3. Luxembourg! Although you are forgiven, you need a damn magnifying glass in order to find my country. Probably because I also speak German and have a very German name?

  4. Yeah, I thought so too! So, it’s absolutely no problem, just wanted to correct that.

  5. Done with listening to it! Great show, as always! Never heard of Mystic Defender before, might check it out at some point!

  6. Just make sure you get the first print 😉

    I think ‘Joe’ is just a very American sounding name, and at the time Japan was all about western culture. Usually ‘Joe’ was a really cool character

  7. I think you’re totally right, Stooball–at that period, even in the US it seems like every cool character was named Joe (or Max).

    Also: score! I snagged the episode title this week! 😀

  8. i think there was only 2 columns games on genesis because columns 2 was only in arcades and coulmns 1 and 3 were on genesis

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