Sega Addicts Podcast: Episode 55 – They Thought We Couldn’t Handle Robes Over Here In the United States

This episode we discussed: Yuji Naka’s fishing game, Game Gear games on the 3DS, Persian rugs, Mystic Defender, Shinobi 3DS vs. Sonic Generations 3DS, meatloaf with pineapple in it, and much much more!

Disclaimer: Not all content in the description above is necessarily in this podcast episode.

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  • Awesome episode, sega dudes! Thanks for answering my question! I’ll be sure to begin my search for the games you recommended.

    I do have to say the podcast feels a bit short with only sega news and a sonic gem instead of a third topic following those two portions. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy listening, and understand your desire to keep the podcast at one hour, but it feels like it’s lost a bit of depth or filling – like that last bit of cream in a Twinkie.

    Regardless, I’m glad you have the bi-weekly contest back, and I’m also glad you didn’t do exactly what every other podcast is doing this week by only discussing E3.

    Rock on!

  • Nice. Also, I’m not from Germany!

    • Sorry about that! I’m not sure why I thought that. Where are you from then so I can properly inform the listeners of your actual whereabouts?

  • Luxembourg! Although you are forgiven, you need a damn magnifying glass in order to find my country. Probably because I also speak German and have a very German name?

    • Ah. I think I just remembered that you spoke German and automatically thought you were German.

  • Yeah, I thought so too! So, it’s absolutely no problem, just wanted to correct that.

  • Done with listening to it! Great show, as always! Never heard of Mystic Defender before, might check it out at some point!

  • Stooball

    Just make sure you get the first print 😉

    I think ‘Joe’ is just a very American sounding name, and at the time Japan was all about western culture. Usually ‘Joe’ was a really cool character

  • I think you’re totally right, Stooball–at that period, even in the US it seems like every cool character was named Joe (or Max).

    Also: score! I snagged the episode title this week! 😀

  • ninjajosh

    i think there was only 2 columns games on genesis because columns 2 was only in arcades and coulmns 1 and 3 were on genesis

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