Free to play games arrive on Steam, Sega’s ‘Spiral Knights’ among the first titles

As some of you may have noticed already, the Steam store just updated with support for Free to play MMORPG titles. Among these first few titles is Segas ‘Spiral Knights’. Since Steam is pretty much hassle free and a great platform for all your PC games, this is really great news. I haven’t tried out the game myself yet, but now that it is easily available, I’ll give it a try! How about you?

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  1. has anyone played it yet? i have, you should add me as a friend too if you play.
    my name is ninjajosh still

  2. Looks cool! I actually met the artist who did the design work for this game–Sean Galloway. He was at C2E2 and he is a TOTAL BADASS!

  3. The art style is really impressive.

    I will have to add you ninjajosh. I just downloaded it but I also just bought the new Alice game and have been cracked out on that.

    Add me on Steam, name is melatonin.

  4. i will add you once i get a chance

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