Check out Sega Addict ninjajosh’s Sonic birthday video!

While some of us were on our asses all night playing video games, others were out doing things with their lives. Like ninjajosh here.

In addition to being the most diligent commenter for my 24 hour Sonic marathon, Sega Addict ninjajosh is apparently quite the cinematic craftsman. While I sat on the couch torturing myself with videogames, he was whittling away the hours on this amazing stop motion lovely celebrating Sonic’s 20th birthday. Once I viewed it with my eyes, I just had to post it outside of our humble little comments section for all to see. This is irrefutable proof that our readers rock harder than anyone else out there.

Because of his never-ending support and resilience, I’ve decided to award ninjajosh with the Sonic-a-thon MVP Award. His constant comments let me know someone was reading, even at 4AM. In addition to the TUBULAR Sonic poster that he won, I am throwing in two of Sonic’s Game Gear classics – Triple Trouble and Sonic the Hedgehog – as a thank you for all his support. Thanks again, ninjajosh!

  • ninjajosh

    WOO!! thanks other josh for the award of MVP!!

    it was pretty frustrating to get sonic to stand most of the time since his head is so heavy

  • John Doherty

    Man you guys are productive. All I did yesterday was go to a bar.

  • ninjajosh

    about the prizes, can you email me back if u got my shipping info just so i can be sure u got it? i just emailed it

  • Stooball

    I thought about Sonic!

  • ricerictwice

    Pretty sweet video, I like Sonic coming out of the Dreamcast and returning to it. I however, store my Genesis games in their original cases and my Dreamcast games in those cool little Sega Dreamcast Binders with all of the cases in their own little area.

  • ninjajosh

    well i hav the cases for the dreamcast games but they are in my room, and most of my genesis games were given to me as a gift and he didnt hav the cases

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