The ‘Handy Gear’ fixes everything wrong with the Game Gear!


One word: WOW! ‘lovablechevy’ over on the Benheck Forums has build her own version of the Sega Game Gear that actually fixes pretty much ever single issue the original hardware had. She took the bigger and better screen of a PSOne, rechargeable batteries, a new case and the Master Gear converter, probably applied some voodoo magic and came up with the ‘Handy Gear’! There are more photos of the moddes handheld in the linked Forum thread and a couple of videos explaining it and showing how it plays a Sonic game after the jump!

[Sources: Joystiq and Benheck]


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  1. Manic Maverick July 3, 2011 @ 6:05 AM

    That was so amazing that I think I just gave birth.

  2. Nice! Mass produce that thing and sell it!

  3. Very, very awesome. There really does need to be a more reliable version of the Game Gear released to the public. I have three systems right now, and every one is touch and go with some different flaw. Drives me crazy. The Game Boy had Super Game Boy, which is great to preserve and play these games today. We need something like this mass released, especially with that awesome dual-input thing on the back. Ingenious!

    Great work, Cherry, that truly is a work of art. Very respectable looking, too, unlike most mods.

    Too bad the Game Gear games could not be stretched to fill the screen, though. Another thing that would be great would be an external out, too, and it sounds like that little board could do it if it were implemented.

  4. Dear god! It’s so… HANDY!!!

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