The Weekly Recap June 27th – July 3rd

Sega Addicts gives you fine readers an awfull lot of updates and features every single week. This can be sometimes quite overwhelming and because of that, there will be a weekly recap to help you to find the stuff you’ve missed out on this week. So, hit the Jump in order to see all the updates!

Also, in case you’re wondering: Why penguins? Because I love penguins, that’s why!


My summer of Sonic experience

Top 5 Sonic games that hopefully never get made (NSFW!)

A House of the Dead retrospective: Part 1 – House of the Dead



Sega and BBC Earth are teaming up

Sonic for hire Season 2 is here

Mech game Border Break gets some Sonic stickers!

Sonic and Sega AllStars Racing is getting a bug patch on the iOS

New rumour on Sonic Adventure for 3DS, new storybook title!

‘Rise of Nightmares’ gets an U.S. Packshot, new Screenshots!

Sonic to return to Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade

Sega to host Eurogamer indie Arcade

Conduit 2 development hampered by demoes

Here, have some tasty release dates

A short peek at ‘City Heroes’ a Genesis game that never was released

Sega’s entire catalog is 33% off on Steam

Details, pictures and trailer for Yuji Naka’s fishing game

New Yuji Naka game available on the Appstore

Total War: Shogun 2 is down 40% on Steam!

More screens and another video of Yuji Naka’s new game!

Want to watch Hatsune Miku perform ‘live’? Now you can! (for a price)

‘Alien versus Predator’ and ‘Football Manager 2011’ now for cheap on Steam!

Sega officially unveils additional 3DS features for Sonic Generations!

The ‘Handy Gear’ fixes everything wrong with the Game Gear

Forum news: A triumphant return

Join the Sega Addicts Steam group!

The Bi-weekly contest: Sega Rally Online Arcade & Willy Beamish

The Forums have disappeared?!



Review: Sega Rally Online Arcade


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  1. The penguin pic made me think of the Dreamcast launch game Pen Pen TriIcelon?. It demands a game club entry. DEMANDS IT!!!

  2. awww, look at the penguins, they are so chubby!

  3. Any chance you are a Pengiun Land fan?


  4. never played it, but the penguin makes me think of prinnys from disgaea

  5. What’s Disgaea? lol a classic case of two different generations!

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