NiGHTS turns 15 today

Sonic isn’t the only one with a big birthday this year. Saturn cult classic NiGHTS turns 15 today. It’s easy for NiGHTS to get lost amongst all off the Sonic 20th anniversary celebrations, but I think it’s important to give this game some love as well.

Happy Birthday NiGHTS!


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  1. I remember first being upset that NiGHTS wasn’t a Sonic game when it was announced. But that feeling quickly went away upon seeing the many screenshots in magazines. And boy how that experience was when first playing through it.

    Happy Birthday NiGHTS. Hope you get some good gifts

  2. The first time I played NiGHTS was with a regular controller and I hated the game. For some reason I ended up buying the game with the 3D Controller, and NiGHTS ended up being one of my favorite games of all time.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIGHTS!!! I’m gonna play a round in your honor today!

  3. da da da daa, du du duu

    (me singing the nights theme)

  4. 24 hour marathon!!!..


  5. Haha though I know you would be fan enough to do it, Josh! Maybe a Unlock all presents in Christmas NiGHTS marathon…eh….maybe that’s better served in December

  6. @ other josh

    do-it do-it!!

  7. What a happy day. NiGHTS was a landmark game for me, a game that really showed that video games can be above just a game or a challenge and instead an experience. Every time I pop that game in I am taken to a world beyond the TV. That Nightopian world is so colorful and richly drawn, and populated with all those living, evolving creatures. It really is something else.

    Sonic is cool and all, but I don’t think any of his games combine to be the complete, whole, polished and just altogether beautiful game that NiGHTS is. No question my favorite SEGA game of all time, it’s timeless.

    And 15 years later, I still have a world record on Mare 3 in Soft Museum:

    Thanks, Sonic Team, for 15 years of the best dream ever.

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