Sega Addicts Podcast: Episode 57 – Willy Beamish Was Like A Bart Simpson Knockoff

It’s the Heinz 57th episode of Sega Addicts. Fifty-seven varieties of… something.

This episode has all you need to get through the day. There’s Sega news, Willy Beamish, laser balls, load times, horny frogs, riveting fanfiction, and so much more! It’s amazing the amount of low quality material we’ve packed into this 60 minute episode.

So stop reading this descriptive paragraph, pick up the phone, and start downloading Episode 57 today!

Get it here.

or iTunes.

Readers Comments (6)

  1. Already listened to it, great show, as always!

  2. Holy cow, thanks guys! I kinda feel like I’ve been taking too much from you!

    I’ll slow down on the main site commenting, but I’ll continue to post on the forums!

    • No problem! You earned it fair and square. And don’t stop commenting on the main site! If you really don’t want to win in the upcoming future I can always redraw a winner whenever you’d like to give the prize to someone else.

  3. Ah! Count me out of this one then! (Even though Cosmic Carnage sounds pretty retro sweet!)

    Let the spam begin! jk

  4. Sorry, I meant count me out of this next one, I still would love the Sega Rally PSN code and Willy Beamish…lol

  5. i should do a sega news remix now. also, the sonic pinball machines you mentioned are in sonic pinball party for GBA

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