Weekly Recap July 18th – July 24th

Another week, another weekly recap! Also, PENGUINS! Hit the jump to see all the stories that have been posted over the past week on Sega Addicts!


Trust me you want this new Sonic figure

New Anarchy Reigns trailer teases story

Forum News: Wow it’s actually an infomercial

Anarchy certainly reigns in these Screens

Sonic for hire has 2 new episodes

Sega reveals Tails and Metal Sonic in Sonic Generations

20 years of Sonic condensed into one video

Sega finally announces Aliens Infestation

A look back at the Sega CD

Crush3D officially delayed until 2012

Shinobi for the 3DS was pitched using Assassin’s Creed engine

Yuji Naka talks about his canceled Wii Motion Plus game

Sega of Japan takes the top spot in sales for publishers in June

Sega delayed Crush3D due to 3DS adoption rate



A house of the Dead retrospective: Part 4 – House of the Dead Overkill


What we’ve been playing Week of 17/7/2011



The Bi-weekly contest: Seaman and NHL ’94


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