Weekly Recap August 1st – August 7th

These are called 'Rockhopper Penguins'. Makes sense, doesn't it?

While this week wasn’t very exciting, Sega-Addicts.com still managaed to release a lot of podcasts, news stories and some features. Missed any of them? Well, check it out right after the Jump!


Rise of Nightmares achievements unlocked!

Iizuka: Old Sonic fans are hard to please

Sonic and the golden rings sounds like a great cereal

Sega Portable ‘Arcade Master – Portable’ available in Germany

Learn about Hatsune Miku’s running gags!

Player versus player coming to Spiral Knights, Battle pack for cheap during the weekend

Different Rise of Nightmares Pre-order bonus for Amazon buyers

Comic Zone free to Playstation plus members

What is Sega? Find out here!

This is the best way to play Outrun

Rise of Nightmares gets a new trailer

Binary Domain Screens include bathhouse setting?

New Sonic for Hire Episode spoofs Ice Hockey

Screens and details for PS3 exclusive House of the Dead Overkill level pop up

You can vote for Sega games for the Golden Joystick Awards 2011

Rise of Nightmares gets exclusive pre-order content at Gamestop!

Rumor: Guardian Heroes coming to Xbox Live Arcade on September 21st!

Full Sega 1st quarter results presentation online

Sega gets $10,000 from piracy lawsuit

Grandia creator dead at 45



Captain America – Super soldier (PS3)



A House of the Dead retrospecive Part 6: The House of the dead 2 (movie)

What we’ve been playing: Week of 7/8/2011

Forum News: Regular Edition

What we’ve been playing: Week of 31/7/2011



The weekly contest: Astro Boy & Evander Holyfield boxing

The bi-weekly contest: Seaman and NHL ’94



Sega Addicts Podcast: Episode 60 – I lost my supplies of moths and caterpillars

Fan Fiction Radioplay theater – Episode 2 – Sonic the Zombie BJ Part 2


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