Sonic and friends get their own shirt, look adorable!

Okay, this is downright brilliant and adorable at the same time. Do you see that picture? That’s Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, in case you’re tired and your Sega-centric synapses aren’t working right now! Since they are rendered ‘realistically’ they look adorable! I’d play a Sonic game with those!

The shirt is made by and I strongly suggest you head over there and get that shirt!

  • Stooball

    Tails comes out on top in this universe! Tails and Friends would be the title

  • Knucxsonia


  • I will be returning to that site when I get paid Thursday.

    And that artist, Megan Lara has some cool Firefly-inspired art as well. Good stuff.

  • Manic Maverick

    My god, this is major adorbz. Tails is bigger than Sonic, hahah.

    Sonic: “Tails, wait up!” *Squeaky voice*

    Tails: “Come on, step it up!”

    Knuckles: “Uuhh…I’m basically the same size, actually.”

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