Have a look at Iris Angel, a cancelled Dreamcast strategy game

Do you like Sakura wars? Well, of course you do. Iris Angel is a Dreamcast game by Japan Corporation that got canceled without reasons being given, but if you take a look at how it is described, it sort of reminds you a lot of Sakura Wars: It’s a strategy game where you also have to build up a relationship, in order to become better. It vertainly sounds interesting, so if you want to see some screenshots, head over to unseen64!

  • Manic Maverick

    Oh my god! Mahou Shoujo Super Dating Sim Strategy Game? I’m not into strategies, but I’d definitely pick this up. The premise is crazy enough to keep me interested. XD

    Also, long-silver-haired busty females are always the villains. And they’re always busty. If they aren’t busty, they’re either a lower-class villain or not a villain at all. This is fact.

  • matty

    The only Sakura Wars I played was the one for the Wii and PS2. That has the build-relationships thing, too. Do the SW series usually have this feature?

  • @matty
    As far as I know, yes.

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