Enjoy this new Sonic Generations trailer from Gamescom

Today seems to be trailer day, since Gamescom kicked off! Well, after we found out that Mushroom Hill zone is present in Sonic Generations, this trailer shows off more game footage. My personal excitement has officially reached its peak, since it just looks fantastic!

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  1. Looks awesome. I want this game now, but they will charge 60€ (about 86$) in Gemany. That’s bullshit.

  2. @Bigskorpy
    Yeah, I’m also kind of annoyed by that. The 3DS version will be cheaper, might be worth a look?

  3. @Sven Wohl: Right it will be 45€ so it’s ok. But at amazon.co.uk it’s only 35€ (for Ps3 and Xbox 360) so if it’s still possible to order there it is way cheaper and most Sega Games in Europe also have the German text and voices on the disks so there is no real difference besides the packaging.

  4. @Bigskorpy
    Speaking from personal experience, PS3 games pretty much always have the German language version on the disk too. It’s only with 360 where it sometimes isn’t on the disk.

  5. @Sven Wohl: Really? Thanks, I had never known. I allways wanted to play Hyper Dimenson Neptunia but its still very expensiv and my English isn’t good anough to play a complex jrpg. So i can buy the british one, save some money and probably play it in german. So thank you very much

  6. @Bigskorpy
    I don’t really know if Neptunia got German subtitles at all. As far as I can tell, even the German version is completely in English, so no luck there…

  7. OK, didn’t sound that good but it is a new reasson to learn some more English.

  8. So much style! Gotta love it XD

  9. I am excited about a Sonic game again, but feel like a battered housewife. I think he has really changed this time.

  10. I feel the same way Matthew. I need to stop running into doorknobs, but I’m just so clumsy.

    I really think this will be a savior game though. It looks amazing and unless the controls are absolutely horrid, this will be my game of the year. Hands down.

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