New Rise of Nightmares trailer brings back zombie spokesman

Awesome! I can tell I’m really going to like this advertising campaign. That zombie spokesman is gold.

Anyways that was the new Rise of Nightmares trailer from PAX. As you can see it features more gory gameplay which makes me want it so bad. But what do you guys think? Will you get this game or are you, like me just enjoying the funny adverts for it? Let me know in the comments!

[Source: Sega Bits]


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  1. He could sell anything zombie game in my book! Seriously though, I’m glad Sega is getting all funky again

  2. I was all “meh” for most of the commercial, but then at the end I was all, “haha, cat snack.”

    Oh you crazy Sega, you.

  3. The game looks like a melee version of House of the Dead. Cool.

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