Ulala returns with Space Channel 5: Part 2 on PSN and XBLA

Finally some good news for fans of Ulala and Space Channel 5. While the second game of the series is available on Disc on the first Dreamcast collection and on Steam, the XBLA and PSN versions will be available in Japan on October 5. No date is given yet for Western markets, but my guess is it won’t take too long after Japan gets its hands on it! Sega Bass Fishing will be out the samte time too!

[Source: Siliconera]

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  1. No surprise here, it was only a matter of time. I wonder why they’d bring over the second game in the first place and not the original. If the argument is that not enough people played the sequel and that this might attract the audience of the first game, then why didn’t they release Sega Bass Fishing 2 instead or the original on XBLA/PSN?

  2. Maybe it’s the Michael Jackson bonus?

  3. were they waiting for the week of the Dreamcast’s 12th birthday for this? seriously, why did this take so long?

    anyway, let’s pump out some more DC downloads! woo!

  4. ive meaning to play that, and my sister has them all for ps2 and gameboy

  5. I liked the first one much more than the sequel, but I still played it to death. Even unlocked the Morolien suit for my Avatar in the Dreamcast Collection


  6. Oh whoops, here’s a cropped screenshot


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