The Dreamcast Marathon 8 AM (Pacific) update

The sun has completely risen and I’m still sitting here playing Dreamcast games. I’m almost out of Mountain Dew which is unfortunate for me. However I think now would be a good time to drink water, you know, that flavorless stuff.

Sonic Adventure 2, where to begin? First of all Shadow, enough said. It’s weird how the game can start off so strong, and then come to a screeching halt after City Escape. I am really sick of shitty Sonic characters. I did get to hear the Knuckles rap though which is always pretty sweet.

Thinking I may play Legacy of Kain next, should be really fun.

I’m beginning to wonder if Josh Newey will ever wake up from his nap. What excuse did he give us again? A job or something? PFFFT.

Kidding by the way he is totally employed, hear that ladies?

Oh man am I tired.