Rumor: New Bayonetta game in development, to be revealed at Tokyo Game Show

TSSZ News continues to release inside ‘information’ from a not dislocesed source inside of Sega. Please keep in mind that this is only a rumor, but that source says there is a new Bayonetta game in development. It doesn’t say whether or not it is a spin-off or sequel, but as it seems that source hinted at a new Super Monkey Ball coming soon, and that turned out to be true. Still, that’s like saying there will be a new Sonic game next year.

Another bit or rumor that might be connected to this, say Sega Sammy’s animation studio is working on something Bayonetta related. Anyway, there might be some actual announcement during TGS.

[Source: TSSZNews]

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  1. i just found out baayonetta is $20 at walmart, so im gonna buy it next time i go

  2. bayonnetta in the next sega super stars?

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