Sega doesn’t want to rely on classic IPs for the future

Gamasutra has a very impressive and insightful interview up with Mike Hayes, president of Sega West. They talk about the future of Sega, where Mark Hayes says that Sega constantly has to strike a balance between reinventing old IP and doing completely new stuff. They go more in-depth with the Sonic franchise, talk about how there are actually two very different fan-bases and how hard it is to keep both of them satisfied. It gives you quite an interesting insight into Sonic 4 and Sonic Colors, so I’d suggest you check the interview out!

As far as I’m concerned, I agree with Mark Hayes! Sega has to concentrate on new IP in order to stay relevant, and some of the most interesting games from Sega are completely new IP, if we take the Platinum games and the like into consideration. Heck, some people think all Sega does well at the moment is publishing Platinum Games’ titles.

[Source: Gamasutra]

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  1. I do think that certain IP’s deserve to be revived. I just don’t think Sega sees the value in them because the company tends to have really crummy luck with reviving franchises (arguably because it chooses to revive some of the worst ones, in my opinion). Or the company just plays it relatively safe by sticking with Sonic.

  2. Funny. As Shinobi is being revived for what looks to be a solid 3DS game.

    I’ll agree that Sega Has a lot of Talented staff. ts better that they focus fantastic original titles like Vanquish. To remain relevant in this evolveing market.

    Rather than remakeing Alien Syndrome. Because that means leaving a new artists interpretation of these classic franchises. And really what people want these days is entirely fresh experiences for those who don’t have sega nostalgia.

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