Sky Sanctuary gets shown off in this new Sonic Generations trailer

I love this trailer for the music alone. I love the Sky Sanctuary zone and especially its music. Good thing that piece of music is featured throughout the whole trailer which shows a lot of action in various zones. The game just looks fantastic and my guess is we are going to see many new trailers in the coming weeks…

  • Grimwing

    If the “classic” era 1 levels are just Green Hill, Chemical Plant, and Sky Sanctuary. Then I think it has a good balance. I love how sky sanctuary is stone, but has ancient technology overgrown with plants as well.

    circuit paths in the glass at 0:32

    Sky sanctuary has some exceptional music.

    Should I be worried Generations will be a short game?

  • ninjajosh

    @ grimwing

    i too, am worried this game will be on the short side like sonic colors was. i also am starting to hope they dont announce anymore levels and keep them a surprise for when you play the game

  • sonfan

    @Grimwing and ninjajosh: Judging from the leaks, this game has alot more content and replayability put into it then Sonic Colors. This game may be short or a tad longer then Colors story-wise but it has a lot of stuff to unlock like Sonic Unleashed for example.

  • Well, so much for spoilers. I’m officially done worrying about what levels are in this, because Sky Sanctuary is one of my favorites (it does without a doubt have my favorite atmosphere of all the levels and possibly the best music).

    They could put no other levels in this and I would be content.

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