So, how many Sega games sold more than a million units on the Wii?

Unfortunately, not too many. Goes without saying, as the complete list is quite short, but Sega managed to sneak in two games: Mario & Sonic at Olympic Games with 2.12 million units sold and its sequel Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games with 1.34 million units sold. Certainly no surprise there, even though I always thought the other Sonic games also sold over a million units.

[Via Destrcutoid]

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  1. I thought Sonic Colors sold over 2 million in it’s first two months.

  2. According to my data and a quick research, it’s close to a million on Wii and a bit less on Nintendo DS.

  3. You gotta remember, this list is for sales in the US alone. Sonic Colours etc. probably sold over a million when combined with other regions.

  4. Cazza Davidson:

    Sonic Colours

    I love the British!

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