Yuji Naka thinks there’s a single-console future

In a very interesting interview with Yuji Naka on Siliconera, he is asked what he thinks the videogame industry will look like in ten years:

I think ten years later, the various consoles and platforms from Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony may not exist. Instead of buying specific hardware perhaps everything will migrate to software based systems like PC, iOS, and Android.

He also goes on and states that he hasn’t received a development kit for the PlayStation Vita and Wii U yet. Sony, Nintendo, give this man his dev kits! As already posted, Rodea the Sky soldier is complete and only needs to be published.

Anyway, I’m with Yuji Naka when it comes to the future of this industry: A single console that plays all games is the way to go, if it wants to grow.

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  1. Sounds very logical to me, that it goes the way that Onlive wanted to go. And it’s sad that he didn’t get any Development Kids.

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