Japanese Shinobi 3D box art is … umm

What would the proper word be? An eyesore? I hope this is just a temporary image because that is a really dull box art. Here’s hoping we get something a bit nicer looking overseas.

[Source: Amazon.co.jp]

  • I think the word art text at the top is what makes it bad. I like the art.
    If it were up to me, I might reduce the logo to the kanji and “3D” for the Japanese market, too

  • Oh wait, nevermind, I c wut they did thar.

  • Stooball

    Nice throwback

  • I thought that looked familiar, haha.

    I honestly prefer the simple look to it. If people enjoy ninja’s then they’ll grab this box and look at the back. Simple as that.

  • Eh I dunno. It’s cool that they’re referencing the older box art (box arts?), but I just don’t like the style. Personal preference I suppose.

  • ricerictwice

    They already released the box art for the North American release and this Japanese art is better imho.

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