Get excited for some Guardian Heroes avatar items… Please?

Sega has released a bevy of brand new avatar items in conjunction with the upcoming XBLA release of Guardian Heroes. For 240 MSP, your fake self can don the hip fake threads of Han, Randy, Ginjirou, Serena, Nicole, or The Undead Hero. For the same price, you can also pick up Randy’s staff, a Venus Fly Trap pet (!), or an adorable Undead Hero companion.  If you’re really just looking to flaunt your underground Sega cred, then you’ll probably opt to put down 80 MSP for the uber-sexy Sega Saturn tee instead. 

I tend to get a bit snarky when it comes to Microsoft’s silly digital outfits. If it doesn’t tickle my peurile sense of humor, then I’m usually not interested in this stuff. Then again, we’re talking about a freakin’ Sega Saturn tee here… Screw it I’m buying three.

Anyway, check out Sega’s Blog to see a full list of all the downloadable goodies and some killer new wallpapers to boot. At the very least, it’s something to do while waiting to play the game.

[Source: Sega Blog]

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  1. I usually prefer the unlockable avatar clothing items, though I did jump at Ryo’s jacket from Sega Allstar Racing.

    I might have to look at that Saturn Tee…and the Undead Hero armor hehe

  2. HOLY COW these avatars are possessed!


  3. Yeah, those zombie contacts truly confuse me. Maybe Treasure is trying to subtly insult Saturn fans by calling them the walking dead?

  4. I find it interesting that they are using the Japanese Saturn logo instead of the American one. Regardless, I may decided to be a tool and buy one of these.

    I know Kris Knigge now wants to stab me as well.

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