Daytona USA coming to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network

Sega already teased us with it, so it’s not really a big surpise, but now we’ve got more details on the upcoming digital reboot of Daytona USA. The new game will be coming to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network and that sooner than you’d expect! The Xbox gets it on October 26th and PlayStation owners will be ablte to buy it 24 hours earlier! The game will featured improved graphics, online multiplayer and steering wheel support. The orignal soundtrack will be included too and you can get it for 10 bucks. I like that Sega is releasing most of its stuff on that price point now…

Oh, and those release dates are for the U.S. only, Europe will have to wait until November…

[Source: Siliconera]

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  1. Daytonaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    Day one purchase. I will put Batman Arkham City aside for this.

  2. Yeah Daytona with the awesome GAMEOVER Rap-thing. Sadly we european have to wait.

  3. Game ovaah yeeeah!

  4. Awesome that the original soundtrack is included. Wonder if you’ll be able to unlock the horse like in the Saturn version. Definitely going to get this…we should all get together and have some matches, boys!

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