Retro City Rampage to be shown off at Minecon

For those of you who’ve read about this game here, you might be excited to know that you just might be able to try the game out! All you need to do is be at Las Vegas in 9 hours and have tickets for Minecon. If you do make it, Brian Provintiano will be showing off some new aspects of Retro City Rampage at the main stage (Friday at 9 PM). Many big surprises are promised including a parody that involves classic ‘red and blue’ 3D and another indie game pastiche.

Of course if you can’t make it then you’ll be happy to note that the game is confirmed to come out Q1 next year on XBLA, with WiiWare soon after. We here at Sega Addicts are really excited for this game too and will be keeping you updated as more of the game is shown.

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