Sonic CD confirmed for yet another platform.

Remember how we told you Sonic CD was not coming to Xperia? Do you also remember that ominous “for now” the delectable Mr. Newey added to the end of that Sega Addicts approved statement? That was him demonstrating the prescient nature a true Sega fan has. He is a smart guy.

Droid Gamers confirms that Sonic CD is coming to Xperia Play afterall, leaving all gamers with just one last question: When is the announcement for the Ngage port coming?

[source: Droid Gamers]

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  1. Did I mention I entered the Sonic CD art contest? I haven’t posted the image I did, because I’m not sure if it’s against the rules until they show it.

    But I did get an email saying I was one of the winners, hoping to be one of the top 5!

    Although, it was a one night effort, so I don’t think I will be lol.

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