Original Nights into Dreams voice actors record 15th anniversary duet

While celebrating all that is Sonic the Hedgehog this year for his 20th anniversary, some may forget that it is also the 15th anniversary of NiGHTS Into Dreams.  Cameron Strother and Jasmine Ann Allen (the voices of Elliot and Claris) have not forgotten.  Jasmine originally sang for her character Claris, who sang “Dreams Dreams.”  Fifteen years later, Cameron has joined Jasmine on a fan-recorded duet of the song in honor of NiGHTS’s anniversary.  Nights into Dreams.com has the downloadable version of the song as well as a nice write-up from Cameron Strother himself.  Any NiGHTS fan should definitely check this out.  It’s really awesome when something like this happens with such a large reason around it being the fan base.

[Source: Nights into dreams.com]

  • Flake

    Is it just me or has NiGHTS been getting a lot of attention from the gaming world lately? Not bad for so neglected a franchise.

  • I think it definitely has and not just because of the Wii “sequel.” People are recognizing all the rebooted franchises and then somehow the other ones from said rebooted era are now getting noticed. NiGHTS needs something, but it needs to be something deserving unlike Journey of Dreams was in my opinion

  • Josh Newey

    Yeah, oddly enough, I suspect that the success of Generations has had a pretty resonant effect for a lot of Sega’s franchises that deserve a valid reboot. If Sonic can return to glory, so can NiGHTS!

    …Hell, maybe Golden Axe can too!

  • grolt

    Beautiful. Put a tear to my eye. Thanks so much for sharing. Still my favorite game of all time after all these years.

  • @Grolt
    You’re very much welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed the story! The music in NiGHTS has always meant a lot to me, so I would be lying if I didn’t say that I got a little chocked up listening to the track as well.

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