Sonic appears in a Progressive commercial

Looks like the blue blur’s recent charge back into the mainstream is still going strong, as Sonic has been used in a new Progressive Auto Insurance commercial. The 30 second spot features Sonic shopping for insurance, to the tune of Sonic 3 music.

With this, the Macy’s float, and the now-steady stream of fantastic games, it looks like Sonic’s status as a “has-been” in the general public’s eye is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

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Brett Hatfield

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  • Josh Newey

    So freaking awesome that they used the Sonic 3 music. That’s gotta be a knowing wink to the fans.

  • @Josh

    Not that I’m complaining, but it was odd that Sonic didn’t say anything. I was half-expecting him to yell, “Alright!,” or, “Awesome!”

  • shiggidy

    It Makes me so happy to be a progressive customer, no bs!

  • Josh Newey

    My guess is they didn’t wanna pay Chris Redfield’s fee for a measly 30 second spot.

  • @josh

    Wait what? Are you telling me that Sonic and Chris are one in the same? Two of my favorite franchises are somehow connected? Next you’ll claim that Jill Valentine is really my cousin.

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