Sega Addicts Podcast: Episode 76 – Konami Part 4

We’re back for 2012 and picking up where we left off on our Konami games on Sega consoles mini-series! This week we start to break out of the Genesis era with a Snatcher on the SegaCD and a couple Japanese only Saturn games. In addition, we discuss some of the latest Sega news, Fishing Resort, and the SG-1000/SC-3000 spinoff, the Othello Multivision.

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  • Bradkal

    If you can’t figure it out when you click “Get it here” go to the URL bar and at the top it should say ttp:// change that to http:// Just incase any of you addicts can’t figure it out! ^^

  • Thanks Bradkal. Should be fixed now.

  • Bradkal

    Your welcome and also I’ve finally downloaded all the sega-addicts podcast shows and imported them to iTunes so I’m going to make my own sega addicts podcast CD soon! ^^

  • Quality podcast as always, guys. I couldn’t quite hear what Dreamcast title everyone was appalled I missed on the list, but I got a laugh out of the reaction anyway, haha.

    It’s a shame no one has has a lot of experience with Sparkster. I actually enjoyed it more than Rocket Knight Adventures, but to each his own.

    Also, I completely support the development of Rocket Meat Adventures. Someone contact Tean Meat about that.

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